Recipe Development

We customize blog articles, recipe cards and cookbooks with simple yet delicious recipes highlighting your ingredients. Since 2010, we have developed and photographed hundreds of new recipes for our clients. We have also reinvigorated our clients’ favorite family recipes with new photography and design, creating easy ways for farms and markets to share their heritage with their customers and thus deepen their sense of connection.

Recipe Cards

Our recipe cards can:

  • Use existing recipes or develop new ones based on ingredients you wish to highlight.
  • Be text-only or text with a professional photograph of the recipe.
  • Be delivered as PDFs so that you can print and cut them yourself, or they can be printed professionally and mailed to you.
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Text + Photo: Recipe Cards for Wolff’s Apple House

Printed on glossy “postcard-size” card stock and mailed to client

Text-Only: Recipe Cards for Conebella Farm

Printed in-house, 4 recipe cards per page

Blog Articles

Monthly or weekly blog articles keep your business fresh in your customers’ minds while providing them with an important service. These articles can also connect you with potential customers who love to cook and who find your business while hunting for good recipes. Not only that, a weekly or monthly blog improves your overall SEO score since search engines give priority to websites that actively add new information.

As your online recipe collection develops, you have in-season recipe options at your fingertips, ready to post on social media, link into your newsletter, add to a cookbook or share with local media outlets.

All online articles are search-engine optimized with printer-friendly and mobile-friendly recipes.

We can:

  • Develop the recipe, write the blog article, photograph the recipe, and post it for you.
  • Edit and post a blog article you write.
  • Or anything in between (for instance, if you want to use a favorite family recipe but prefer not to take the photograph).

We can also work with you to develop a monthly or weekly blog calendar syncing your ingredients with current food trends.

Sample blog articles:

We recently surveyed a client’s customers about the news they wanted to hear from the farm. One after another, customers responded “more recipes!” A lively food blog is a gift to your customers, making your business the one they appreciate, trust and return to.

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Cookbook for Weaver’s Orchard

We created a 235-page 2nd edition cookbook featuring 150 recipes, each one including seasonal produce that customers can find at Weaver’s Orchard throughout the year—from Asparagus in April to Pumpkins in October and November!  Many of the recipes are gluten-free, vegan or vegetarian. Each chapter begins with a full-color page including beautiful photographs of the actual recipes.

Cookbook for Rachel’s Farm Table

After creating a bruschetta recipe for canning, we made a cookbook featuring 25+ recipes using fresh or canned bruschetta. This cookbook compiles more than 25 of our favorite recipes that can be made by simply opening a jar of homemade bruschetta and following a few easy steps.