Services Customized to the Needs of Your Organization

Our main clients are farms or local food producers, but we’ve also worked with ministries and non-profits. Below are our recommended channels to reach your audience through our content creation services. While it is ideal to reach your target market through all of these channels, we understand that some clients may prefer only one or two areas of these services. We can work with you to determine your organization’s unique needs.


  • Creating beautiful E-Newsletters sent to subscribers weekly, monthly or quarterly
  • Using storytelling and engaging writing to connect with customers/clients
  • Posting to social media


  • Writing blog articles relevant to the business using keywords and links naturally in the text to help with SEO
  • Posting to website, social media and including in e-newsletter
    • (Examples for farms/food producers: recipes using farm ingredients, interviews with staff, farm market vendors, crop or product highlights, stories of customer experiences etc.)
    • Examples for ministries/non-profits: stories of how your organization has impacted individuals and transformed lives, testimonials from donors, interviews with staff, seasonal staff highlights, etc.

Social Media

  • Creating engaging content on social networks of choice
    • Examples: Instagram and Facebook posts and stories, tweets, curating Pinterest boards, making connections on LinkedIn. Setting up/maintaining LinkTree or Instagram link landing page for website.
  • Responding to/forwarding questions on social media.
  • Increasing social media following using hashtags, comments and following other accounts as well as sponsored posts as additional budget allows

Website Management:

  • Updating websites
  • Redesigning WordPress websites using a secure WordPress host
  • Online store updates/management
  • Online order form set-up

Graphic Design:

  • Print ads
  • Recipe cards
  • Brochures
  • Flyers
  • Banners/posters
  • Cookbooks & more


  • Promo videos
  • Recipe videos
  • Testimonial videos

Grant Writing

In 2020 alone, we secured over $94,000 in both private and public grant funding for our clients! Our team has over a decade of experience writing winning grant proposals.

Public Relations

From sending news releases to pitching article ideas to local news sources, we have a proven record for securing positive press for all of our clients. We’ll coach you on how to continue to be the #1 source the news turns to for interviews.

Find out more about our marketing services by downloading the Marketing Services PDF



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