Why Farm-to-Table

Recently a friend asked me some questions about my farm-to-table convictions, so I wanted to share them here. First I’ll start off with another common question I get.   What is Farm-to-Table Cooking? Are you vegan, vegetarian or paleo?  I cook farm-to-table meals. That means for the most part I grow my own food or […]

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Making the Perfect Focaccia Pizza

I recently co-lead a focaccia pizza cooking class at Weaver’s Orchard alongside Brandon Hertzler and with much direction from our good friend, Brian Licitra. I’ve been “apprenticing” with Brian for the past year or so, learning his dough recipes for thin crust pizza dough and thick-crust focaccia dough. Both recipes are unique, filling and impressive […]

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Sweet & Savory French Tart Recipes

Last week I had the privilege of teaching a cooking class at Weaver’s Orchard about Sweet & Savory French tarts. Since I recently published my cookbook, Easy Bruschetta Meals, I decided to choose 2 recipes from the cookbook. The cookbook is available for purchase at Weaver’s Orchard Farm Market and online store. It features approximately […]

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Asparagus Comté Pizza

Friday was labor day in France and across most of the world. Although I knew labor day was coming up, I didn’t think twice about what that meant. It’s one of the three or four holidays per year where all grocery stores are closed as well as all retail, all public transit and most restaurants. Since […]

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Hiking to Italy

There are 5 national holidays in France during the month of May. In theory, that means lots of long weekends and days to explore. However, most of our days are still spent going about normal life, gardening and fixing things around the house. Last weekend we had an absolutely gorgeous day, so we decided to take […]

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Springtime in Grenoble

Springtime is really beautiful in the alps. In the alpine valleys, like where we live, spring sprung in mid-April this year, but the mountains were still covered in snow. They made for a gorgeous backdrop to the blossoming trees and flowering gardens, especially contrasted with the brilliant green leaves and bright blue sky. Last Wednesday, […]

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Cinnamon Rolls

This recipe takes a little bit of time, but it works for me because I usually make the focaccia dough and keep some on hand even if I don’t have immediate plans to use it. If you prefer a quicker method for cinnamon rolls, try Elizabeth or mom VanDuzer’s recipe, which you can find here. […]

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La Vie en France

Earlier this week, we decided to take a hike with some friends. It was a cloudy day in the city, but we thought we’d go for a hike anyway. When we reached about 5,000 feet (1600 meters) of elevation, we got above the cloud line and experienced beautiful blue skies. Amazing! Then as we hiked up the […]

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Turkey Pumpkin Chili

Every Black Friday, my husband’s family had the tradition of going Christmas tree shopping. We’d wake up at a reasonable hour (reasonable, that is, for Black Friday), mosey over to the Christmas tree farm together and each pick out that perfect tree for our family’s Christmas décor. Then afterward, we’d enjoy a delicious lunch of […]

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