Who We Are

We are a small-scale marketing agency specializing in promoting locally produced foods through traditional marketing, public relations, online marketing and social media. Our team includes talented professionals in marketing and public relations, copywriting and graphic design. In addition to food clients, we also partner with non-profits and ministries.

When you hire VanDuzer Design & Marketing, you have the talent available to a large business at your fingertips with the personal attention and understanding of a small business. We specialize in marketing for small farms, farmers markets, specialty food retailers and organizations that help promote locally produced foods. We understand the direct-to-consumer agriculture industry, its challenges and its incredibly bright future.

Today, consumers – especially younger consumers – are demanding to know where their food is coming from. This growing market is hungry for change and effectively marketing farm fresh products is an opportunity we can’t ignore.

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How We Work

We start by assessing your current marketing efforts. Then we’ll work on helping you attract new customers and effectively marketing your products to all of your customers. We’ll work with your goals and budget to create a marketing plan as big or small as you need.

Typically, a marketing plan includes creating a new website or re-vamping an existing website. Your website is the hub of your marketing plan. It’s where new customers will find you and where you can tell your story to existing customers. We can start with the most basic, cost-effective website or work with our web development team to create a custom website with all of the bells and whistles you could ever want.

We work on driving traffic to your website through search engine optimization/marketing and raising awareness through public relations. We have a proven track record of securing feature articles in renowned publications.


Why Our Methods Work

Our marketing methods work so well because they use all of the latest modern communication tools to build your storefront online, tell your story and connect with consumers in a relevant way. Keeping in touch with your customers and continuing to unfold your story before their eyes is imperative. Some of the ways we achieve this are through social media, email marketing and a blog.

Grassroots methods and personal interaction are key to this industry. We’ll get you equipped with all of the materials you need to help your customers learn your story and how they can connect with you further. This includes professionally designed and printed promotional material that directs people back to your online storefront.

In addition to the marketing methods mentioned above, we’ll work on creating events and promotions to help drive sales and assist you in your advertising efforts.

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