Who We Are

We are a small-scale marketing agency specializing in promoting locally produced foods through a variety of marketing methods. In addition to food clients, we also have experience partnering with non-profits and ministries. Our team includes talented professionals in marketing and public relations, copywriting, graphic and web design.




When you hire VanDuzer Design & Marketing, you have the talent of a large business at your fingertips with the personal attention and understanding of a small business.

We have a deep understanding of the agriculture industry with nearly 20 years of experience in agriculture and a decade of involvement in ministry.


How We Work

The first thing we'll do is assess your current marketing efforts. Then we work with you to help clarify your message, and most importantly to communicate how using your products or services will help potential customers live life to the fullest. We'll help you attract new customers as well as to keep existing customers informed and satisfied.



We’ll work with your goals and budget to determine the best way to connect with potential customers. Often, that includes designing a new website or making your website more user-friendly. Your website is where most customers take their first steps with you, so it's important they can easily get a sense of your business and why they need you in their life.

Next, we'll work on driving traffic to your website through search engine optimization and raising awareness through public relations. We'll help you retain customers through social media, email marketing and a blog.


Why Our Methods Work

Our marketing methods work so well because they use all of the latest modern communication tools to build your persona online and connect with consumers in a meaningful way.


We’ll get you equipped with all of the materials you need to help your customers get to know you and how they can connect with you further. This may include marketing materials, logos, labels, or more.

Interested in working with us?

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