About Us

When you hire VanDuzer Design & Marketing, you have the talent of a large business at your fingertips with the personal attention of a small business.

We particularly love working with industries we’re passionate about, like local farms and food retailers, impactful non-profits and more!

Who We Are

About the VanDuzers

In 2010, husband and wife team David (the tech-savvy designer) and Rachel (the business-minded communication professional) decided to channel their expertise and mutual artistic energy into their work for VanDuzer Design & Marketing.

Over the last 13 years we’ve worked with hard-working family farms, unique food retailers, impactful non-profits, vibrant ministries and more. We continued our work without skipping a beat even while living abroad for 5 years! Now we’ve settled in New Hampshire and enjoy the snowy mountains and pristine lakes here. We work well remotely and love aligning ourselves with clients whose mission we’re also passionate about!

In order to deliver the best possible quality work, we have created a network of consultants and business owners with specialties and strengths that contribute to the goals of VanDuzer Design & Marketing. Below are a few of our regular contributors.

Our Team

Rachel VanDuzer

Rachel has the overall vision for helping businesses and non-profits thrive through strategic communication. With 13+ years of experience in digital marketing, communication and graphic design, she has a proven track record of accomplishing goals and exceeding benchmarks.

Rachel has designed many websites, implemented successful SEO strategies with effective copywriting, written persuasive grants earning her clients over $142,000 and grown active, monetized social media followings from the ground up. Additionally, she has developed effective email marketing and blog writing strategies and trained her staff in her methods.

She graduated with high honors from Kutztown University of Pennsylvania in May 2009 with a BA in Communication Studies and minors in Public Relations and Professional Writing. In May 2014, she earned a Certificate in Biblical Studies from Lancaster Bible College.

David VanDuzer

David is an Industrial Designer with 15+ years of professional design, development & engineering experience and a proven track record of transforming design concepts and ideas into award winning products.

David is a freelance designer serving various clients designing products such as computer accessories, office products, retail furniture, portable cribs and industrial braking systems.

For our primary clients, he designed and built the deli and café spaces at Weaver’s Orchard and designed the labels for Conebella Farm. He has also designed logos and signage and done video updates and photography. View more about his background and experience on on his David VanDuzer. Design page.

David graduated with honors from Philadelphia University with a BS in Industrial Design in 2005. In May 2014, he earned a Certificate in Biblical Studies from Lancaster Bible College.

Rebecca Talbot

You can usually find Rebecca writing, baking homemade bread, testing out a new recipe, planting or cultivating veggies or curled up with a good book. Since 2011, her role at VanDuzer Design & Marketing has included tasks such as copywriting, SEO, email marketing, blog writing, social media marketing and grant writing. She is currently the email marketing account manager for Wolff’s Apple House.

She holds an MFA in Creative Writing from Roosevelt University and a BA in Professional Writing from Kutztown University.

She loves that copywriting means that she builds bridges between companies she admires and their customers. View more about her background and experience on LinkedIn.

Abigail Shaeffer

Abbi Shaeffer worked in a commercial kitchen for the past eight years, building a love for cooking and creating recipes to share with friends and family. She loves to make meals that are beautiful to look at but simple to make, and that utilize local, farm fresh ingredients.

She writes blog articles with delicious recipes and beautiful photos for many of our clients.

After graduating with a BA in English from Cairn University in 2022, she moved with her husband to the forested mountains of Pennsylvania.

When she’s not in the kitchen, you might find her hiking with her husband, teaching English classes, or taking care of her garden. Follow Abbi at @juniper_kitchen on Instagram for more recipes!

How We Work

The first thing we’ll do is assess your current digital marketing efforts and consider which tools should be used to reach your customers.
Often, that includes designing a new website or making your website more user-friendly. Your website is where most customers take their first steps with you, so it’s important that they can easily get a sense of your business and why they need you in their life.
We’ll work with you to help clarify your message and most importantly to help you communicate how using your products or services will help potential customers live life to the fullest. We’ll help you attract new customers as well as to keep existing customers informed and satisfied.
Next, we’ll work on driving traffic to your website through search engine optimization and relevant communication. We’ll help you retain customers throughout the customer journey using tools that make sense for your organization such as social media, email marketing and a blog.
We’ll get you equipped with all of the materials you need to help your customers get to know you and how they can connect with you further. This may include marketing materials, logos, labels, pay per click campaigns and more. We’ll work with you to develop a tailored marketing plan. When it comes to implementing the plan, we can either manage the workflow for you using our staff, or we can train your staff to take the reigns and follow our methods for optimum success.

We Look Forward to Working with You!