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Stories from Life in France

We’ve been serving God through the FEU University Student Ministry in Grenoble, France since September 2014. We came to Grenoble for three weeks in 2013. In 2012, we spent two months serving at a ministry in Provence in the south of France. Read up on our archives, learn more about our testimonies here and read about […]

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Things To Do & See in Iceland

An IcelandAir Stopover: Visiting Iceland on a Budget Planning a trip to Europe? Check out flight deals from Icelandair. You just might find lower airfare AND a couple day stopover in the gorgeous country of Iceland! When my husband and I were researching our flights between France and the East Coast this summer, we found […]

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Hiking to Italy

There are 5 national holidays in France during the month of May. In theory, that means lots of long weekends and days to explore. However, most of our days are still spent going about normal life, gardening and fixing things around the house. Last weekend we had an absolutely gorgeous day, so we decided to take […]

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Springtime in Grenoble

Springtime is really beautiful in the alps. In the alpine valleys, like where we live, spring sprung in mid-April this year, but the mountains were still covered in snow. They made for a gorgeous backdrop to the blossoming trees and flowering gardens, especially contrasted with the brilliant green leaves and bright blue sky. Last Wednesday, […]

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La Vie en France

Earlier this week, we decided to take a hike with some friends. It was a cloudy day in the city, but we thought we’d go for a hike anyway. When we reached about 5,000 feet (1600 meters) of elevation, we got above the cloud line and experienced beautiful blue skies. Amazing! Then as we hiked up the […]

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