I have the privilege of working with several amazing families who operate some of the region’s most outstanding farms, including:

Weaver’s Orchard Farm Market


Weaver’s Orchard is a fourth generation family owned orchard and farm market in Morgantown, Pennsylvania. This 100-acre orchard has a pick-your-own fruit orchard producing apples, apricots, asparagus, blackberries, black raspberries, blueberries, cherries, kiwiberries, nectarines, peaches, pears, plums, pumpkins, red raspberries, strawberries and  tomatoes. The farm market features all this plus a full line of locally sourced produce, free-range meats and local artisan cheeses. Weaver’s Orchard strives to build a connection between the farm and the fork through their friendly, knowledgeable staff at their market and on-farm educational endeavors.  In addition to the market and pick-your-own operations, they offer many fun and educational events, including fall festivals, cooking classes, read and pick story time for children, field trip tours, tasting events and more! Currently four generations of Weaver’s live on the farm.

Wolff’s Apple House Farm Market



Wolff’s Apple House is a 100-year old family owned farm market in Media, Pennsylvania. This market has survived the pressure of urban development in their Philadelphia suburb and continues to thrive even though the farm itself was sold to a developer in the 1970’s. Inside the market you’ll find an excellent selection of locally sourced products from plants to produce to locally roasted coffee and handmade pottery from locally sourced clay. They are committed to primarily selling items produced within a 50-mile radius and giving back to their community. Every week they donate an average of 4,000 pound of fresh produce to help the hungry through Philabundance. Currently two generations of Wolff’s work on the farm.

Lone Star Farm Free-Range Beef


Lone Star Farm is a small cattle farm in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania. They raise their beef on pasture and finish them on a balanced diet of hay and whole corn silage – all grown on their farm or neighboring farms. Their cattle are so strong and healthy that they never need antibiotics or artificial growth hormones! By introducing silage into the cattle’s diet in the finishing stage, the meat achieves the desired marbling effect where the fat is evenly distributed throughout their generally very lean pasture-raised meat. Meat is available to purchase at the farm or at The Farmers’ Market at Elversonand they also ship nationwide if you order online. The Beiler family enjoys living on the farm and homeschooling their four children on this beautiful patch of land.

Conebella Farm Raw Milk Cheese


Conebella Farm is an award-winning 100% Ayrshire dairy farm located in beautiful Chester County, Pennsylvania. This 198-acre fifth generation family farm is home to over 200 cows including 100 milking cows and 100 young stock. The farm specializes in raw milk (available on-farm only) and cheese made from all-natural ingredients available on farm, at several area farmers’ markets, on their farm and on their website. They also have cows that are so healthy that they are never administered antibiotics or growth hormones.  Since 1923, five generations of Gable’s have called the farm home, including the current owners, Don and Pam Gable and their three sons, Josh, Tyler and Kevin.